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EDITORIAL: District superintendent must let the kids play

With school doors still shuttered, Jesus Jara has the chance to bring a sense of normalcy to thousands of Clark County students and their parents. The district superintendent must not allow that opportunity to pass.

EDITORIAL: Another effort to water down teacher evaluations

For a decade, entrenched education interests have fought an effort to overhaul Nevada’s teacher evaluation system so that it includes a student achievement component in addition to classroom observations.

EDITORIAL: Criminal justice reform should address civil forfeiture

The time has come for a strong bill acknowledging the clear due process and property rights issues inherent in civil forfeiture and ensuring that nobody loses their property based on the mere suspicion of criminal activity.

EDITORIAL: Transparency on the chopping block

Less than two weeks into the 2021 legislative session, lawmakers are already proposing to dilute the state’s open meeting law by creating exemptions for certain environmental discussions.

EDITORIAL: Time is right to unpause Nevada

It’s time for Gov. Steve Sisolak to recognize Nevada’s success in reducing coronavirus cases and ease off the restrictions he imposed last November.

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