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Christopher Lawrence

Movie and TV critic
Twitter: @Life_OnTheCouch

Christopher Lawrence escaped his native Kentucky without an accent thanks to the thousands of hours he spent in front of a television as a child. That’s also why he never learned how to ride a bicycle. He’s been writing about TV and movies since his days at Murray State University, when the school’s basketball coach had him reassigned at the student newspaper after just one story about the team. He’s been a professional TV critic since 2000, the Review-Journal’s TV critic since 2005 and its movie critic since 2012.

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‘Game Night’ is a good horrible comedy — or an awful great one

You know that comedy technique where writers and directors take a joke that’s sort of funny, let it linger until it becomes just mildly amusing, step back while it festers so that it becomes painfully awkward and loses every bit of its appeal before they stretch it so far that it ends up being hilarious?

A look back at the history of black superheroes in movies

If you’re having trouble relating to the jubilation surrounding this weekend’s release of “Black Panther” — the first major comic book movie starring a predominantly black cast — imagine for a moment that we weren’t living in an era in which every couple of months produced a superhero blockbuster starring a white guy named Chris.