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LETTER: Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment

The governor of New York is facing sexual harassment allegations. Yet no comment from the major Democratic players and little coverage from the major networks.

LETTER: Minimum wage will have inflationary effects

If members of Congress impose such a massive increase in the minimum wage, regardless of how it is stretched it out, how are they going to compensate seniors on fixed incomes?

LETTER: Do moderate Democrats really want to support the hard left?

President Biden and the far left have gone too far, and the people of this nation must make their voices heard to stop the destruction of our country. Do not sit back and simply watch them tear us apart.

LETTER: A tale of two riots

Democrats fixate on Capitol but ignore what businesses went through in Portland, elsewhere.

LETTER: Protesting parents go maskless

The most upsetting thing about the report on parents protesting to demand their children attend school in person is the picture on the front page.

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