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LETTER: Biden poll numbers continue to crater

The latest polls show that President Joe Biden’s approval rate is in the 30s. Maybe because the administration’s priorities are completely upside-down? Americans don’t care about the so-called insurrection, the so-called assault on voting rights, climate change and other phony causes.

What Americans do care about is the economy, stupid. Just look at the prices of just about everything. Gasoline up about 75 percent since Donald Trump left. Supermarket chicken and beef up about the same. Also, Americans care about staying safe while walking the kids or going to the store. Some of them might even have family members left behind in Afghanistan.

Thankfully, there are a few — probably only two — Democrats in Congress who are still sane and are putting a stop to Mr. Biden’s crazy agenda. Unfortunately for them, they will be in a minority after November’s election. How ironic.