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LETTER: Debate exposed Donald Trump for what he really is

Updated October 8, 2020 - 9:24 pm

In last week’s presidential debate with Joe Biden, President Donald Trump showed the world, for those who didn’t know already, how unfit and grossly irresponsible he is. Mr. Trump did not mention one thing he was going to do in a second term to help Americans. Mr. Biden was clearly trying to get across his plans for containing the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, tackling climate change and expanding health care while Mr. Trump bullied, interrupted and harassed him for 90-plus minutes.

This is one more outrageous example of Mr. Trump’s disdain for Americans and their needs in the middle of a deadly pandemic. In turn, they were trying to explain to their children why a man who is supposed to lead by example and treat his position with dignity as a sitting U.S. president was behaving like an unhinged madman.

Also, Mr. Trump would not denounce white supremacy when given the opportunity by the moderator, and he would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power during the debate. The choice now is clear. Mr. Trump does not respect the presidency, democracy, the American people or the notion that all men are created equal. Joe Biden represents the ideals of equality and justice, science, competence, responsibility and decency. Voters must ask themselves: Who do they trust to represent all Americans and the America we want to live in?

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