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LETTER: Don’t rely on natural immunity as protection against COVID

The non-vaxers, especially the ones holding political office, seem fine with continuing to spread misinformation about COVID-19 to score points with their base. Recently the governor of Florida declared that people who had already contracted COVID-19 were immune and therefor didn’t need to be vaccinated. Really?

My youngest son (39 years old) discovered that the governor was wrong. He contracted COVID about a year ago and was seriously sick for about three weeks, with lingering symptoms for another two months. Recently, he and his housemate got COVID again, taking him out of work for another two-plus weeks. He was sure he was immune, and therefor refused to get vaccinated.

So far it has cost him more than a month unpaid time off work and knowing he was stupid for not getting vaccinated. His lungs may never fully recover. Stop believing the misinformation and get vaccinated.