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LETTER: NFR leaving Las Vegas is symptomatic of a larger problem

Updated September 15, 2020 - 9:52 pm

Chances are that you were not living here before 1984, when Las Vegas was a ghost town in December — the only month Las Vegas casinos failed to make a profit. You can read about the brave tourism pioneers and casino owners who put down their own money to “buy” the National Finals Rodeo from Kansas City in 1984 to transform a loser month for tourism, jobs and profits into a winner.

Now that our woke leaders gave away the NFR to Houston for this year only (supposedly), chances are the cowboys will be enticed to stay there for the future and give Vegas the royal buck.

Shame on you, Gov. Steve Sisolak, for lacking foresight, vision and creative solutions enabling you to squander the NFR and related revenues for Nevada.

Shame on you, Steven Hill, for missing the mark on running the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and failing to do everything possible to preserve and increase tourism for Las Vegas, COVID notwithstanding.

Shame on you, casino owners and leveraged corporations, for allowing politicians to decide your financial results and for your lack of creative solutions to overcome problems.

It’s good we have NHL, NFL and WNBA playing in bubbles and maybe they will bring back some tourists to Las Vegas eventually. Say goodbye to the NFR.

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