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LETTER: ‘Old’ schools a matter of perspective

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read your June 17 story, “Sisolak: The kids deserve better.” Apparently, Robison Middle School, built in 1973, is considered an “aging school” in Clark County and is scheduled to be replaced under a new law. Among its many shortcomings is a lack of “performance space large enough for the school’s new mariachi program.” I wonder what Gov. Steve Sisolak would think of the grammar school I attended, built in 1922, or the high school my husband attended, built in 1914. Both are Chicago public schools still in use.

I doubt that the overall poor quality of the education provided by the Clark County School District will be improved by a shiny new building or space for a mariachi program.

LETTER: The Aces win

But lose the grammar police.