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LETTER: Presidential immunity ruling applies to Democrats, too

It’s hard to believe how utterly obtuse the Democrats are as they bash the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity. Don’t they realize this ruling also applies to the Biden administration? This White House would be fertile ground for lawsuits. From the families of the U.S. soldiers killed in the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to the families of those murdered by Biden’s illegal immigrants, the lawsuits would be endless.

LETTER: The Trump assassination attempt

The evil enemy within kills or tries to kill the ones who are good for the country.

LETTER: Fight, fight, fight!

Instead of being in shock, a normal human reaction, or cowering behind Secret Service, he pumped his fist telling the crowd to, “Fight, fight, fight.”

LETTER: Finally, an uplifting news story

It touched my heart to read the story of Kit Herron and her plight when she was not able to afford a new air conditioning unit

LETTER: Joe Biden is playing the long game

All the Democrats in the Capitol whining and scheming to remove Mr. Biden from the ballot are being short-sighted. Joe is about to outfox them all.