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LETTER: Progressives create the inequality they rail against

Updated June 22, 2021 - 8:46 pm

Inequality is the progressive talking point of the day. Of course there is inequality. The question is why.

I’d like to suggest that much of the inequality is caused by many years of Democrat policies. If you compare the lives of the typical 50-year-old homeowner and the typical non-homeowner, here’s what I bet you’ll find: The owner grew up in a two-parent household, graduated from a good high school or college, is married and is raising a family. The non-homeowner? Not so much.

The progressives have undermined the family by facilitating single-parent households, and they have undermined schools by allowing disruptive students to stay in the classroom and undermine the education of the other students. They have undermined education by encouraging social promotion.

You really can’t create wealth without a foundation to build on.

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