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LETTER: Schumer goes mute on campus protests

I remember Sen. Charles Schumer standing outside of Congress shouting about the Supreme Court and abortion, “Justice (Brett) Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you shall pay the price.” Tough words from a tough guy. But where is the Senate majority leader today? Where is the outspoken leader now that anti-Jewish hate boils over at college campuses across the nation?

It took our president nine miserable days to address the nation. Yet the leader of the Senate remains mum. Sen. Schumer’s own faith is under attack, yet nothing from him. His silence is deafening. His fear of upsetting his fellow leftists is painfully obvious.

LETTER: Tired rhetoric on green energy

Nevadans should look west to California, where 100 percent of that huge state’s energy was recently supplied by renewable sources for a stretch of more than nine hours.

LETTER: Biden confused over inflation.

All this mismanagement has resulted in the national debt rising at a very alarming rate.