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LETTER: Story on Afghan refugee was uplifting

In response to your Thursday story on the Afghan refugee: I felt so proud of my state and the United States (along with the Hoffmans) to read about Benny and his journey to create a new home in Henderson. At these times, I must remember that every story is only a start and what happens next is just as important.

Getting Benny’s wife to Nevada, finding a job, a house and establishing a life will take more than just a few volunteers. And there are many more Bennys.

When we consider all of the people who need our help — not just those who have given their lives for our country, but also those who are down on their luck, suffering physically and emotionally — it feels overwhelming. So let us take solace in the fact that we who can help are many, and because we are many, we need do only a little each.

Thanksgiving is a great time to not only be thankful but also giving.