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LETTER: The pause is worse than the lockdown

A lockdown by any other name is still a lockdown (“Sisolak calls for ‘pause’,” Monday Review-Journal). Gov. Steve Sisolak must think Nevadans are idiots. He calls it a pause, but it is even more restrictive than his first lockdowns.

It’s our fault this would-be dictator does whatever he wants. The Europeans at least protest the lockdowns. We Americans, who are the champions of freedom all over the world, gave up our own freedom without a whimper.

LETTER: COVID vaccines and age

No one’s life is any more important than any other in this battle.

LETTER: Prisoners want to make the minimum wage?

If all us taxpayers have to cover their wages, then maybe the prison system should start charging them for room and board.

LETTER: Big Tech censors are running the country

After living through the turbulent ’60s and lots of scary times since, this is perhaps the darkest time of my 78 years.