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LETTER: The Supreme Court and the Texas abortion law

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to decide on whether vigilantes can enforce a ban on abortion while a ban on abortion is clearly unconstitutional until Roe v. Wade is overturned. Therefore, anyone in the country who wants to sue someone who helps with an abortion can get $10,000 and the right to sue for legal fees. This work-around abdication of law by the Supreme Court can work in many ways.

Because no one can sue the state because the state is not enforcing the law, it’s apparently OK by the right-wing Supreme Court. Fine, let’s do things that way. All the blue states can now enact laws to be enforced by the citizens making gun ownership illegal. Any citizen who sees or knows of anyone who owns a gun or who helped someone get a gun can now be sued, and they can recoup the cost from the defendant and the state will pay the plaintiff $10,000. Sound good to everyone?

Is that what the right-wing court wants? Enforcement by vigilantes is the way forward according to Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his boys.

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