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LETTER: Vegas needs its own walk of stars

Many years ago, I wrote a letter to the mayor — I believe it was Oscar Goodman — supporting the creation of a celebrity walk of fame, with handprints and footprints of famous people who have performed in Vegas. I never received a response.

Las Vegas has the ability to do this and to make it a great tourist attraction — much better and safer than Hollywood. Just think, we could have had the Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, David Cassidy, Prince, etc.

It’s time for Las Vegas to make this happen before we lose more celebrities. Maybe the new mayor might make this an issue when he or she is elected. If not, there is always the possibility a major casino would consider it. Only the future knows how many people would go there to see it.

LETTER: Supermarket merger will hurt the poor

Higher prices will result. Poor families will still pay a higher price for food because Alber-Krog will still control the distribution of food.

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Let’s get a few things straight.

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Solving the school start time issue.

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How about solar street lights? All the mechanics of this type of lighting is at the top of the pole, away from thieves.