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LETTER: Washington spends us into oblivion …

Democrats and Republicans are battling over whether they should spend $1.3 trillion or $3.5 trillion on a bill that includes everything under the sun, including tax breaks for wealthy electric car buyers and very little on infrastructure. Meanwhile, Social Security, a promise made by Congress to provide for the people, is slowly bleeding to death and will be insolvent by 2034. Medicare which was drained to pay for Obamacare (now we know what was in the bill, Ms. Pelosi) will be out of money by 2026.

Seems to me that while Rome is burning, Nero is fiddling in the White House. Business as usual in Washington.

LETTER: Hong Kong vs. New York

A case study in how masks slow COVID spread.

CARTOON: Guns or butter?

As China increases its advanced weaponry at a fast pace, progressives push to shrink the defense budget to fund an ever-growing welfare state.