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LETTER: What about higher taxes on landlords?

Your Thursday editorial called the proposed unemployment fund tax hike for employers a bad idea — but it did not go far enough. One tax that should not have been raised over the past two years is the property tax for income property, which affects landlords — many of whom have received no rent going on 20 months thanks to the unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

And then Gov. Steve Sisiolak imposed his own state ban. He and the Legislature did not care that landlords may not have been paid. Do they think that landlords, who provide the most essential of essential services, should not be paid? This especially hurt small landlords and created a shortage of affordable rentals.

LETTER: Hong Kong vs. New York

A case study in how masks slow COVID spread.

CARTOON: Guns or butter?

As China increases its advanced weaponry at a fast pace, progressives push to shrink the defense budget to fund an ever-growing welfare state.